Friday, 29 June 2012


 She wants to dye it turqoise and silver.  I guess leaving school and starting college means 'hair play time'.


  1. LOL! My son went through that stage - GREEN... Blue... Purple... PURPLE AND BLUE... Blonde with Green... yep... it all grows out and fades away... NOT a permanent thing. He waited to be in a state hundreds of miles away to get his 2 tattoos,,, one should has a Peace Sign and the other a Ying and Yang.

    1. School hated the kids messing with their hair, I never minded as long as they looked after it and tied it back at school. I had regular phone calls complaining about Ferns shoes. boots, hair but she is a straight A student. If all they had to worry about was hair colours.....
      My lad is 17 and told the tattoo shop he was 19,he has a little frog on the inside of his wrist (when he was a tot, we would ask him what frogs said, he always answered with 'Budweiserrrrr' because of a beer advert on tv) So he got he frog.

      He then got a Bob Marley quote of 'Some people feel the rain, others just get wet'. He then got his ear stretched and an eyebrow piercing so died hair is nothing lol xx