Saturday, 16 June 2012

I would just like to takea few minutes  to introduce you to a few members of the family.

This is Mr BoJangles,  he was born on 23rd October 2011 and is my sons cats, however he does not know that and owns us all, especially my daughter.

What are you doing mum?

Begging for shreddies, nicks some of my husbands breakfast most mornings.

His nickname is 'The chubby'

This is Bo's sister and my daughters cat, Calcifer,also known as Cally. But she thinks sheowns my husband and I.

Cally is just like her mum was, long, tall and skinny.  She never finishes her food and eats so so slowly.  I always have some extra bits waiting for her to try and put some weight on her.  She is however always full of fun, plays lots and scratches often.  At eight months old she is only just learning to retract her claws when playingwith us.:(

Asleep on my hubby's arm.

This is Dexter. He was about four months old when we got him and we were his fourth owners in that time.  He had a sad start and would have had a sadder end,  Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Staffy crosses have the worst reputation, all down to bad owners.  Over 40% never reach their second birthday  That is so sad.  Anyway, we were looking for a older rescued greyhound and ended up with a loopy puppy.  We had him tagged the weekwe got him in case any of his previous owners decided they wanted him back.

                                                   This is the 'Show me your teeth' pose.

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