Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Another star shines bright

It has been a very difficult few weeks.  My father in law found out his prostrate cancer had spread to his bladder and that he was probably not going to be fit enough to have an op to remove it. This would leave him with 4-6 months at most as it was aggressive.
He had various tests and the next thing we knew was my brother in law saying, he had  had his op and was sore but doing ok.... great news.  He then caught this dreaded hospital bug that made him so so sick and depressed.  Then he got an infection, although treated with IV antibiotics he became worse and his BP dropped so low he had to be returned to ICU.  My hubby popped on the train as he lives 200 miles away and managed (thanks to his brother) to spend a couple of days at the hospital.  He was heavily sedated as he was in lots of pain when awake and became quickly distressed.  His BP improved a little but they just could not  get control of the infection and the doctors made the decision to remove all medical support and  we lost him shortly after.

He was the best Father in Law anyone could have asked for, we had differing political and religious views that we debated often.  He was always fair and treated me as his own and after thirty five years of knowing you, and listening to what everyone else tells me.  You were a great man.  We all love and miss you.

There is to be  a post mortem and therefor no funeral arrangements can be made atm.

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