Friday, 21 June 2013


On Sunday 16th June (fathers day) Bo our Tom cat was seen making his way over our fence from my neighbour.  He had not come in by 8pm and I was worried.  Everyone else thought he would be back any minute, but he was a home loving cat, didn't venture too far or for too long.
I walked for miles delivering leaflets from 5am Monday morning,  Made posters for the vets and pet shop.  knocked on doors, I was sure he would be trapped somewhere.  I phoned The RSPCA, Local cat rescue, Cats protection league, both local vets, Put details on the missing pet register online and anywhere and everywhere.

For two days I couldn't sleep or eat and felt physically sick thinking about what may be happening to him.  so close to tears m eyes constantly stang and even my children were concerned about me because I am laid back, I am calm, I don't make a fuss. and I am usually bubbly.
I was quiet, I sat by computer and phone.  I walked until I ended up on pain killers.  I talked to everyone about possibility of them seeing a black and white moggy.  I called police who do not take details anyway so no help there and we all had to just wait and hope.

On Tuesday, I was watching our other cat Callie sitting in the sunshine, in her favorite spot on the bench at the bottom of the garden.  I heard a meow and another and another and headed for the back door to hear my husband  saying Bo Bo where the bloody hell have you been, and as I looked out the door, Bo was sauntering in, meowing the whole time,  his white fur was grey from oil and grease but he was fine (if a little hungry) Callie came running in from the garden, he gave her a swipe to say I am back, behave! and we are all very happy to have him home :)

Glad to be home :)

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