Monday, 22 July 2013

Lace and Trim Fairy dress Hanging.

I saw the most amazing calico and felt dress with lace underskirts on Pinterest,  I am now looking for the person who made it and would like to show them what they inspired me to make.  I also am hosting 2 swaps on UK-Irelandcraftswaps, one in September and another in November.  

The  group is international even though the name suggests it is UK and Ireland only.  You can also choose whether to be in international swaps or not. Very flexible and friendly place to make new friends and share ideas and projects.

I made this for the September swap and have included a video below.  I will attempt a tutorial of another (different) dress I have in mind soon.  Another you tube lady may be using this idea for her DT..

Lace and trim fairy dress hanging.

This is the back of the dress,  I love it as much as the front.

I have so many new ideas whizzing around inside my head!

I will try and do a tutorial for my next one which will be a little less gypsy than this one.


  1. Wowzer your dress is beautiful. A fairy would be proud to wear that to a ball. I've started creating mine but it's brighter than all the others I have seen. Did you model it on a doll? or free style?

    1. This was free style but I am looking out for an old Barbie type doll to make a bodice/corset for the next one. Would love to see what you have come up with too. Thank you for popping by and commenting xx

  2. O wow this dress is stunning hun xxxx

  3. I have been searching everywhere for a person dress like this! Is it possible? I can't physically make it myself and am searching everywhere for help. I found another very similar dress which also turned out to be for a miniature. I have a Woodland fairy desire. Can anyone help me make a dress for a wedding dream come true?