Sunday, 8 July 2012

Midnight Mask Swap on 2 Shabby Sisters Studio

2shabbysistersstudio.ning have several swaps happening each month.  I have joined in the mask swap this month. My partner in this swap is Ollie999101.

I am always dropping my H's but for some reason I added one to Ollie's name. :(

I had fun making this, no idea if I am doing it right :)

I covered 8-10 layers of slghtly scrunched and shaped tin foil with 3 layers of paper.using pva & water.

 I then covered it in 2 layers of black tissue paper.  I was going to use it as a base but I didn't like how it looked, felt or how it tore so easily.
I found some very dark denhim from a pair of fashion jeans that my son nearly threw away:)

I hot glued this onto the front of the mask, overlaping the back by aboutan inch.  I liked this look better.

I added lace all around the edge, adding silver plated bead caps to represent stars.  I glued a little round mirror and covered it with a bronze/brass effect filigree shape to represent the moon, stickles around the eye rim for sparkle.

 I also added streamers of various shades of purple ribbon, ~ Some eyelash style sparkling wool and silver bead trim.

I then added strips of navy/black sequins, and a black elasticated gathered organza type trim.
I cut ribbon to go around the eyes, more elasticated trim to look a little like eyelashes and  few more bead caps.  I also tidied the back using another piece of denhim and  hey presto!

Hope you like my effort Ollie. Looking forward to the swap :)

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