Saturday, 6 April 2013

Altered spoon

This is another swap on UK-Irelandcraftswaps and I swapped with Janstok011 on You tube.

I stole a dessert spoon from my kitchen draw and bent the handle carefully backwards, I used my glue gun to adhere layers of pink lace to the front and back of the spoon and the full length of the handle,  I then used a silver and pink trim from top of the bowl to the tip of the spoon at the back, adding a couple of jump rings before adding the dangle.  This is a piece of broken jewellery given to me by emily280881.  I used inks to give it a hint of pink as it was cream before. I added a small butterfly which had been glossy accented and beaded to the front bent in the handle.

I made the centre by adding pink trim to the edge of the cameo and a thick cotton lace to that.  I glued this into the centre of the bowl to give the finished look.   I do not usually do pink or shabby but  I am happy with the results as this is what Janet likes.

Just showing the reverse.

This sparkly pink flower was at the top of the handle with a sparkly acrylic bling in the centre,

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