Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Altered spoon for Susan

I have made an altered spoon for Susan....  All the bits on it have meaning but here are some pics.
The the writing  spiraling the handle says.

Every artists dips his brush into his own soul and paints his own nature in his paintings.

I had a few spoons to choose from.

I used the one on the right.

I made this in blue as blue is healing.  I covered the spoon in some home made texture paste and painted it blue, once dried I added the fibre's but trimmed them as they were far too long for what I wanted. 
I wrapped the words around the handle and added baby blue ribbon to the reverse. I made little charms from 3 blue glass beads. Added a Key to lock old doors and open new ones, butterflies to signify growth and change, Magic lamp - we can all do with a little magic in our lives, love, because we  can and do, a gift because life is, Angel wings for the one watching over us, little bells that sooth and a spoon to mix it all together, There is also a little blue acrylic heart hanging from the tip of the bowl of the spoon.

There is a tiny black rose because there is a little darkness in all of us, The is the window to the soul so I hand drew and coloured an eye for the bowl of the spoon.  I added a little ring on the back to hang it up by.

Hope Susan like it.

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