Saturday, 14 September 2013


Moving was not a whole lot of fun, cannot find any of my crafty stuff and worse still ... we are sleeping on a mattress on the floor still as we have not found a bed we want.  I hate shopping but have had to go shopping every day so far.  Changing bank branch today and have just had the garage door repaired (that has put us behind a bit).  Keeping cats in whilst letting the dog out has been a bit of a pain and Callie escaped to garden and hid in the garage, until she realised she couldn't escape and might as well be carried back into the house.
Town house living feels strange, big garden to little gravel yard.... new mower and strimmer not needed now. My son has the biggest room in the house and is filling it, my daughter has the master and on-suite and the next bedroom as a sitting room.  Family bathroom on top floor (going to get fit now)  We have the third bedroom which is Tint and the fourth is going to be an office/craft space.  Not sure how we will fit it all in as it is too small for a single bed.

 The house is clean although the fuss the rental agency made because I asked for the top of the kitchen cupboards to be cleaned almost had hubby telling the agency to f off, not a happy bunny being told off by the agency owners mum who was sent to clean.  No wonder she was miffed.  Some one else then came in his work suit and also said it wasn't too bad but spent half an hour cleaning the grease up.  We were told it wasn't his job (funnily enough I hadn't asked him to do it, the letting agency did) He was supposed to be elsewhere helping his friend who was getting married at the weekend.  He also was supposed to be at the gym.

Saturday 14th.  Someone came today to collect a debt owed by the previous tennent and gave us a gentle warning re the letting agency we are with when we leave.  That is a bit of a concern as we would have signed up for longer but not so sure we want to now.  I think a word in someones ear to find the owner as we have her name might be a good idea.

We also have a bed today, Fern is visiting her best friend from Messingham and staying in an hotel tonight.  Miss her loads but knows she loves the company she is with and has bought his b'day pressie, card and lactose free chocolate buttons :)

We found premises for the business yesterday but means we will have to work very hard to get up and running asap as we have paid first three month from 1st October.  Nervous, but looking forward to new beginnings.

Now to find my crafty stuff.........

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