Friday, 20 September 2013


Another long day, ordered mattresses for us all (been meaning to do this for ages)  Also bought a really nice folding bed for when mum or mum in law visits.....  Got hubbies bookmarks from old pc onto new lappy and loaded office.  hoovered right through, loads of washing, topped up electricity and gas.  Put out name down on some desks and cabinets for the office (free) and ear marked some lovely office chairs.

We all had a medical last week, part of the deal when you sign up for new docs.  My bp has always been pretty good but was 189 over 90 something and I need to go back again Tuesday to get it re-checked.  With move and work prospects etc my stress levels are high but things should even out soon.

I let the cats out for a while today, they had a good look around the yard and garage ad Callie was straight up the fence to go over.  We are going to build an outdoor cage for them, they can leave the house via the kitchen window when we are home and have some fresh air, but not explore anyone elses garden.  Hard choice to make but they are really not used to this concrete jungle.

Now... quick Skype chat and an early night to nurse my cold x

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