Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More ATC's - Citrine fireworks

The theme is 'Citrine' (Novembers birthstone) and Fireworks.

I made a Catherine wheel design using citrus yellow card stock.  I tore an A4 sheet of paper length ways and rolled each of this up into straws, flattened and twisted into spirals I used my glue gun to both hold the spirals in place and glued to the card.  I used snowflake stamps, added various glitter glues, stars, stickles and some tiny pieces of bling mesh, all to create sparkle.  I added a flat back gem to centre of wheels and edge the card with faded jeans, just to create a dark outline.

(The firework is named after the instrument of torture on which, according to legend, St Catherine was to have been martyred, but which miraculously flew into pieces when she touched it.)

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