Monday, 25 February 2013

February Catch up

We as a family have had such a busy month.  OH has been poorly for a while now and really cannot go back to the building trade but we need to earn a wage so.....  We have decided to up sticks and move back nearer our families.  That being said  meant we needed to make some preparations for selling the house.  First job......... have a proper throw out so I have been listing items on Ebay for the last two weeks including some of hubby;s hobby tools, Lathe, Bandsaw etc.   Cleaning out  cupboards one by one and making numerous trips to the tip with hubby's 'That will come in handy' woodpile and other miscellaneous rubbish that didn't come in handy over the last nine years.  That has left me with little time for crafting so the few things I have done (can remember doing) are(mostly) here.

Now can I get these in the right order.....

This was around the 16th/18th Feb    Inchies, Twinchies and Oops-a-daisies swap

Basically three 1" art tiles,  three 2" and 3 flowers.  A set of embellishments to swap.

Much easier than I thought they would be to make and addictive too.

I loved these flowers, very 70's and sure they should smell of Pachouli oil :)

14th Feb.  Springtime themes tag swap   UK-Irelandcraftswaps

There were 5 of these but I used one on a gift.

12th Feb, The Box

This arrived all the way from France.  I wasn't expecting any post as I hadn't bought anything for ages.

It was quite light so I carefully opened it up and under all the brown packing paper was this.....
My replacement Fiscars trimmer)

Is lovely to have a decent trimmer again after mine broke, I had only asked if I could buy 
a replacement wire at it had frayed and broke.

Happy Bunny :)

February 6th.  

Chunky charm swap with Hattie English.
The only specification was "Not Pink". 

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